Finding Expired Referrals



Use this letter to encourage your contacts to send you referrals from friends, family, and neighbors who may have been disappointed at their previous agent’s attempts to sell their home. A referral from a friend to you re: an expired listing is far more potent a recommendation than coming at expired listings directly. You can use this both as an email message as well as an open letter on your Facebook page.

Product Description

Enclosed in this .zip file, you’ll find a PDF with two letters and a series of Facebook Status Updates to help you recruit referrals for expired listings.


  • An “Expired Referral?” email/letter (long)
  • An “Expired Referral?” email/letter (short)
  • A collection of 8 professionally written Facebook Status updates fishing for expired referrals

Each piece includes instructions. In addition to this PDF, your download includes the original Word .doc files (so you can edit them or print them on your own stationary) as well as a plain text file (.txt) without any formatting.

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