New Content for January 2017

Happy New Year! The new year brings brand new real estate marketing materials for 2017!

(In addition to the brand new materials below, we also have some excellent “Happy New Year” content in our library, including New Year Wishes and New Year, New Rituals.)

Newest Letters:

  • About Offers & Counteroffers: Use this letter to discuss strategies and situations with offers counteroffers. Buyers and sellers often have misconceptions about counteroffers and this letter hopes to guide them and debunk some myths along the way.
  • Be ImperfectUse this letter in our “From the Heart” series to encourage people to take action and pursue their dreams even if their initial efforts are flawed or they fear they will make mistakes. This can be a great letter to send to those clients who have been on the fence about buying or selling, or in times of great uncertainty. 
  • Where Will We Go Together?Use this letter in our “From the Heart” series to kick off the new year. An excellent piece to open a newsletter or simply include in a Happy New Year card, this piece reflects on a future in which we have an opportunity to all rise together.

Newest Blog Posts:

  • Green Space is Safe Space: Use this blog post to inform clients about the value of green space in cities and the relationship it has to public safety.
  • Who to Notify When Moving: Use this blog post to help remind your clients of everyone who will need to know about their upcoming move.
  • Tips for Lender Satisfaction: Use this blog post to help educate buyers what they can do to reach greater levels of satisfaction with their lender during the home buying process.

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