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You are a Marketing Genius! I send out a weekly email to over 4000 of my past clients, and buyers and sellers who I’ve talked to about buying or selling real estate over the last 14 years. I put your letter you gave me as the intro this week, and this buyer below wants me to write a contract on a home they’ve already found today. He told me he was moved by my letter, and that’s why he emailed me to represent him.

R.W. of Keller-Williams

I joined My Real Helper. It is great. I requested an expired listing letter and within an hour I had a letter that I could personalize and put to use right away. From that letter I got three listings ranging from $325,000 – $999,000! It is so worth the unbelieveable price of under $10 a month.

B.C. of John J. Lease Realtors

I am really appreciating the My Real Helper newsletters. I recently set up my 12 monthly emails to my sphere of influence for 2013. It usually takes me days and a lot of effort. This year, I simply went to My Real Helper’s files and pulled out my twelve favorites! They are in my Top Producer files ready to distribute as the time arrives. Thanks again for this valuable asset to my business. I do not pay monthly for many services, but this is a good one.

P.C. of Keller-Williams


I tremendously enjoy this product and think that it’s a great tool for every real estate agent. Thank you so much again.

I.R. of Coldwell Banker

A little Facebook love.

A little Facebook love.

The responses are very good. Much better than in the past. In the past I usually did not get much of a response at all.

C.H. of The Partner Network

Thank You, You guys have been great I really like the letters, used the July 4th one in email format. These are great ideas for keeing in contact with clients and sometimes it is so much eaiser than when you can’t think of anything else to say to a lead or Client without sounding redundent.

D.E. of Century 21

I just got so excited by what I had received so far I wanted more! I will say that while I want to focus more on cultivating the relationships we have with past clients and sphere of influence, my boss tends to be more focused on “now” business such as expireds and FSBO’s. I shared some of the My Real Helper letters with him and he said “These are great, what do they have for expireds?” Anyway, I just really want to commend you on providing such a valuable product for such and affordable price.  I will keep you posted on our success as I begin implementing your plans and integrating the letters into our regular follow-up system.  Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

V.L. of Keller Williams

A little more Facebook love.

A little more Facebook love.

I am excited to use the materials.  I think this is the Best $10 I have spent in a long while.  I use Realty Juggler and Mail Chimp and these will be so fun to implement into my campaigns.  I particularly like that it arrives in my email as a reminder to keep my presence FRESH and to check in on all my customers.  I bought several of the A La Carte packages and liked them so much I decided to just join the group.  Thanks for making me look good.

 T.R. of Cartwright Realty

OMG! This letter not only makes me happy, I am over the moon!  The letter is PERFECT!  It doesn’t sound like a canned letter at all!  It is very warm and  is very adaptable for line of personalization!  Thanks so much for your providing your valuable assistance. Best wishes!

K.S. of Signature Homes

A little Facebook love for My Real Helper's member services.

A little Facebook love for My Real Helper’s member services.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the collections and have put many of the blogs and such to good use!! Thank you for all of your help!!

C.N. of Fairfax Realty

I’m just starting to really use all of this. LOVE IT. Such a valuable tool. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 S.B. of Century 21

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