Track Mileage with Milebug



Use this post to turn your clients on to “Milebug,” a handy app which helps people track mileage as it pertains to their tax deduction each year.

A very handy post around tax season and at the end/beginning of the year, when people begin putting together their records for income tax time.

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This post introduces your contacts to the handy app, Milebug, which they can use to get their maximum tax deduction for mileage.

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Track Mileage with Milebug
The Easy App for Your Full Mileage Tax Deduction 
Don’t Miss Out on Next Year’s Mileage Deduction! 

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“Are you on-the-go like most real estate agents I know? Did you get your full tax deduction for mileage expenses? Next year, get the maximum amount with this app.”

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