Recharge with Easy Office Exercises



Here’s a blog post / newsletter piece you can use to help your clients recharge and de-stress while they’re working long hours at their desk. This piece includes tips on easy office exercises people can perform without any additional equipment. Includes links to YouTube videos of each exercise.

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This blog post provides tips on easy exercises people who work in offices can do to de-stress and protect their health. The .zip file includes a PDF with instructions, the blog post content, plus tips on how to promote the post via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Includes the actual email, status update, or tweet you can use to promote the post. Also includes original Word (.doc) and plain text (.txt) files you can customize.

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Recharge with Easy Office Exercises

How I Survive Desk Work

Six Videos to Stay Healthy at Work 

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A lot of my clients spend long hours at a desk, behind a computer. Here’s a post I put together on how to recharge and de-stress behind the desk with some simple exercises.

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Included with this blog post is text you can use to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, and email.