Expired Listing for Past Contact



Occasionally you will come across someone whose listing has expired, and you know them from a past meeting.

Use this letter to reach out to a contact in your database who has recently withdrawn their home from the market. This letter reminds them of your previous connection and offers to help them with their expired listing.

Sometimes the past familiarity will be enough to give you an edge over other agents competing for the same listing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Product Description

This is a single letter used to target expired listings from people you may know or already have a prior relationship with.

Included in the downloadable .zip file it:

  • A PDF file with instructions on how to use the letter (and the full copy of the letter)
  • Original Word .doc file
  • Original plain text .txt file

Be sure to customize the fields in the letter with the specific information relevant to your past contact with this expired prospect!