New Content for September 2014

Hope everyone’s Labor Day weekend was a good one! Now it’s time to get back to business. Below are all of the new blog posts and letters we’ve added for September. All are available for immediate download. This month’s collection would cost almost $48 if you purchased it ala carte… why not subscribe today and get the best value? Only $9.95, plus you get access to everything in the My Real Helper library!

Newest Letters:

  • Open House PreparationsUse this letter to help prepare clients for their open house. This specifically addresses many of the top reasons why buyers feel uncomfortable at an open house. It provides a professional, polite “heads-up” to remind sellers you only have their best interests at heart.
  • Life After StressUse this letter for situations where the home sale / purchase process with a client has taken longer than expected and been fraught with the occasional disappointing setback or surprise. It’s a thoughtful note which gently reminds your client that there is a “life after stress” and that visualizing their personal why behind the process can help them mitigate the anxiety or frustration they feel.
  • Insight vs. InformationThis letter discusses the valuable difference between raw market information and the insight you can provide into that information as a professional real estate agent. Using music vs. noise as a theme, this brief, engaging letter is designed to get you into more conversations with potential buyers and sellers.
  • Doing What You Love: In this letter from our “From the Heart” collection, we offer an inspirational essay you can share with your clients called “How to Do What You Love” by Paul Graham. The letter provides a link to read Graham’s essay for free online and makes a connection between your own love of real estate and the lessons in Graham’s piece.

Newest Blog Posts:

  • Tough Home Pricing Truths: Pricing a home to sell is one of the most complex and difficult conversations to have with a seller. Use this blog post to try and pre-educate sellers about some of the “tough truths” behind pricing a home.
  • 7 Signs a Bedroom’s Gone Bad: It can be hard to see your home through a buyer’s eyes. Sometimes you’ve become so used to your rooms you lose the ability to see when a room needs an update. The bedroom is notorious for making or breaking a buyer’s decision to make an offer. Here are some signs yours may need an update.
  • Small Bathroom Design Tips: A small bathroom doesn’t have to feel small. Use this blog post to give home owners tips on ways to open up a small bathroom to make it feel less cramped.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit Pros & Cons: Use this post to explain to your contacts how a home equity line of credit (HELOC) works. This piece covers the pros and cons, and is a good example of one more reason home ownership is a smart financial move.

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