New Content for Q1 2018

Download the latest blog posts and letters for Q1 2018. Lots of excellent new material here for prospecting and educating clients!

Selling Your Neighbors’ Home

Use this letter to farm prospective sellers in a neighborhood where you have just sold (or are currently selling) a home. Excellent to send after your first open house. Just make sure you can back up the claims in the letter, or adjust the letter accordingly.

7 Ways Downsizing Saves Money

Use this blog post to educate people as to the various ways they can save cash by downsizing. A perfect piece to send aging boomers, empty nesters, or anyone looking to lower their budget

Surprising Spring Cleaning

Use this blog post to help homeowners understand where hidden germs may be lurking as they undertake spring cleaning projects around their home.

How to Write a Love Letter to Win the Home

Use this blog post to explain to buyers how a personal letter to sellers can provide a small but crucial edge to winning a home in a competitive market. Provides practical tips to crafting just the right letter.

Ranking Your Home Priorities

Use this blog post to assist prospective buyers as they search for the perfect home. This post helps them understand that compromise is sometimes necessary, so they should go into the house hunting process with a clear understanding of their priorities.

Buyers Want Your Home

Use this letter to farm popular neighborhoods when you have buyers interested in a particular area (or style of home). Prompt people on the fence about selling to look your way with the possibility of a quick sale.


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