New Content for October 2014

Newest Letters:

  • Mortgage Pre-approval AdviceMany buyers fail to realize that pre-approval for a mortgage is not loan approval. While many understand that they should still be careful with their credit after pre-approval, it can be worth reminding them about a couple of simple truths re: mortgage pre-approval. Use this letter to offer your pre-approved buyers some well-intentioned advice.
  • Promise Letter to ExpiredsThis letter takes a slightly more aggressive approach to winning expired listings. Rather than trying to convince the seller you have a more sophisticated marketing and pricing system for their home, this letter addresses the #1 complaint sellers of expired listings have: They felt neglected, ignored, or otherwise unimportant to their agent… and subsequently trapped by their listing agreement.
  • Big Birthday AdviceUse this letter to reach out to clients and prospects you know are having “milestone birthdays” such as turning 30, 40, 50, 60, etc. Almost any birthday with a zero at the end is a qualifier. The letter offers a simple way to reflect on the past ten years and consider the ten years ahead. It’s a thoughtful way to wish people a happy birthday, and can even be included with a card or other gift.
  • Better Living through Curiosity: In this letter from our “From the Heart” collection, we offer a brief meditation on the simple question “Why?” and how exploring our curiosity about the reasons behind our world can, in turn enrich our lives. This is a good letter to send as the intro to a newsletter, especially as kids are returning to school from the Summer or Holiday breaks..

Newest Blog Posts:

  • House Hunting Tactics: Use this post to share some best practices with clients and prospects when it comes to house hunting. Some are big-picture, while others are nuts-and-bolts tips. A great way to open up a conversation about what kind of home they’d like to buy.
  • Pest Control Tips for Fall & Winter: Use this post to share some helpful pest control tips for the cooler months. Help your clients and prospects protect their homes from the unwanted insects and small animals which can do damage and create unsanitary conditions.
  • Understanding FICO Score 9: Use this post to explain the changes in the FICO credit scoring system to your clients and prospects. The changes deal specifically with medical debt and may help millions of Americans better qualify for mortgages.
  • Home Warranty Pros & Cons: Use this post to educate buyers and sellers about home warranties. This takes a fair and balanced view of the home warranty, and does not tilt the debate for or against purchasing a home warranty.

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