New Content for March 2017

March is here, and now is an excellent time to refresh your content marketing strategy for Spring. Download the newest materials in our growing library of real estate marketing content!

Newest Letters:

  • Easing Client Anxiety: You may have encountered clients who are wary about buying or selling based on their experience during the economic downturn in the mid-to-late 2000s. Use this letter to help them feel more comfortable with moving forward on a real estate transaction.
  • The Consequences of High PricingUse this letter to gently explain to sellers why setting a high listing price can have unintended negative consequences not only for the sale of the home, but the mental health and mood of the sellers. Very handy for when you need to have a sensitive conversation about a seller’s unrealistic expectations for the price of their home.
  • Befriending UncertaintyUse this letter in our “From the Heart” series to encourage buyers and sellers to mitigate their fears over uncertainty by recognizing that risk, adversity, and adventure are all part of what it means to be truly alive. An excellent piece to help those buyers and sellers still shellshocked from economic misfortune.

Newest Blog Posts:

  • The Truth Behind Rent vs. Buy: Use this blog post to persuade buyers that most “rent vs. buy” comparisons don’t take into account one of the most important truths behind home ownership: building wealth.
  • Earnest Money Mistakes: Use this blog post to educate buyers about earnest money and some of the mistakes they’ll want to avoid should they decide to make an offer on a home with earnest money attached.
  • Selling Your Home to Baby Boomers: Use this blog post to educate sellers about features which may be attractive to Baby Boomer generation buyers looking to downsize or secure a vacation home.

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