New Content for June 2013!

We’re pleased to announce eight new content items for June 2013. Included in this month’s update are great letters for first-time buyers, sellers who might be losing hope, recently closed clients, renters, and more! If you’re a member, you get all of this content free. Not a subscriber yet? Join today!

Newest Letters:

  • Home Buyer Credit Score Facts: Use this letter to educate potential buyers about the impact credit scores have on their ability to buy a home. Details the various components that impact a credit score. This is a great letter to send to first-time home buyers.
  • Closing is Not Goodbye: Use this letter to let clients know that you’re a “resource for life” and you don’t plan to disappear after closing. This is a nice letter to send with a closing gift.
  • Sick of Renting?: Use this letter to farm rental communities for prospective buyers.
    The letter hits on several pain points for renters and discusses how you help renters evaluate their potential to purchase and help renters become home owners.

Newest Blog Posts:

  • On Making Good Neighbors: This post discusses ways people can build better bonds with neighbors and improve the safety and quality of their neighborhood.
  • On Bad Conversation Habits: Use this blog post to provide your contacts with helpful tips on pitfalls to avoid in conversations at parties, meetings, and open houses. A thoughtful “non-real estate” topic that’s great for social occasions and professional networking events.
  • Discussing Senior Transitions: Use this blog post to open up conversations about aging in place, downsizing, or finding a home that is just right for someone as they approach their golden years.

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