New Content for April 2017

April’s real estate marketing materials and newest client relationship content is now ready for download. We hope you find this month’s collection handy as you close out spring!

Newest Letters:

  • Taking Measure of Emotional Decision Making: Use this letter to address the issue of emotional decision making in the home buying and selling process. Reminding clients that emotions run high in real estate deals will help them manage their stress and recognize the full range of factors in play when it comes to negotiations.
  • Dealing with Overbearing Family MembersUse this letter to respond to family members who may be overstepping their bounds when it comes to your client. This is most often the case in situations where your client may be elderly or the client’s children may be attempting to pressure your client because they have their own interests at heart.
  • Who’s On Your Ladder?Use this letter in our “From the Heart” series to both express and provoke thoughts of gratitude for those in our lives who have helped us reach where we are today. While this might be useful in eliciting some referrals, it is primarily used to build goodwill. Excellent piece to open a newsletter.

Newest Blog Posts:

  • How to Woo Sellers With Personalized Offers: Use this blog post to encourage buyers in competitive sellers’ markets to provide the sort of personal touches in their offer which can stand out. Small details can sway sellers in big ways.
  • Breathing Easier in Your Home: Use this blog post to educate home owners about the value of maintaining their HVAC system, including a service which helps make staying on top of filters easy.
  • Identifying Common Water Leaks: Use this blog post to educate home owners about common sources of water leaks in their home. This will help them identify costly long-term water bills and guide them towards effective solutions.

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