F.A.Qs. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below we’ve organized some of our most common client questions by topic. Simply click on the questions to show the answers. If you have a question you don’t see answered here, please email [email protected].

Content Questions

What file formats does My Real Helper use?

We use Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) files, Adobe Acrobat / PDF (.pdf) files, and plain text (.txt) files for our materials.

How do I use the letters?

After you download the letters, open them in Microsoft Word (or the word processing program of your choice) and customize them by filling in the details. Once you’ve customized the letter, you can print them for mailing, or copy and paste them into your email program (or email newsletter program).

Some people choose to use the letters insideĀ their email newsletters. Some use the letters as leave-behinds or door-knockers when they’re touring neighborhoods.

How should I use the letters?

Each letter or letter collection is designed for a specific reason. Instructions on how to use the letter(s) is included with your download, as well as on the product page where you add the letter to your shopping cart.

Letters are used for prospecting, following-up with clients, and those “just thinking of you” touches that keep your name top-of-mind with contacts in your database.

Do you write custom letters?

Yes, we do write custom letters. Depending on your membership, you may be entitled to free custom letters. If you are a member, and you’re unsure if you have access to free custom letters, please email [email protected] to find out.

Otherwise, you can purchase free custom letters for an affordable, one-time fee. Simply search the letter section for “custom letters.”

Can I edit the letters/blog posts?

Yes. All materials we provide to you are editable and customizable. You will receive the original Word Documents, enabling you to add or delete information as you see fit. We strongly encourage you to add a personal touch to all of your materials.

Does My Real Helper work on Mac and PC?

Yes. There is no proprietary software to install. The files we provide you can be opened on any computer system, assuming you have software to open/edit the files. If you can open a Word document or a text editor, you can use My Real Helper. Most files also work fine on tablets such as the iPad and a wide range of Android devices.

Do your materials work with my email program?

Yes. You shouldn’t have any problem pasting our content directly into your email program. For some systems such as Top Producer, you may want to customize elements of our letters with mail merge fields so your email / contact management program will customize aspects of the letters automatically.

Can the letters / blog posts be emailed and printed?

Yes. All materials can be emailed (either pasted into a message or as an attachment) or printed.

Can I share the materials with other agents?

No. Letters and blog posts you purchase are for your use only. You may not distribute or resell our materials to other agents for their use.

Can you alert me when new materials are added?

Yes, absolutely! Simply subscribe to the free My Real Helper newsletter, and we’ll contact you no more than twice per month with information about the latest materials added to the store. If you’re a member, you’ll get notification through your membership materials.

Do you offer blog posts?

Yes! We have many blog posts for you to download and use on your blog. Simply shop the store category “Blog Posts” and browse the available materials. We can also write custom blog posts on request.

Do you offer Facebook posts?

Yes. All of our blog posts can be used as Facebook posts as well. Rather than publishing the blog post to your blog, you can paste our blog posts directly into your status update. This is a great way to provide useful information to your friends and build your name as a trusted resource in real estate.

Additionally, all of our blog posts come with advice on how to promote your posts via Facebook, Twitter, and email, including the specific phrases you can use to promote the posts.