20 Questions for Real Estate Prospects

As we’ve discussed before, great agents tend to listen more than they talk.  By truly listening to a prospect speak, you gain valuable insight into how you can best position yourself to help them.

In that spirit, we’ve included a collection of great open ended questions designed to get people to open up (and avoid yes/no answers). Some are good conversation starters, while others are often most powerful when worked into the flow of a conversation in order to get at specifics.  Many are great to use during initial listing presentations.

  1. What prompted you to look into (purchasing a / selling your) home?
  2. What are your expectations / requirements for a smooth real estate transaction?
  3. What process did you go through to determine what kind of (house / neighborhood) you wanted?
  4. What would you most like to see accomplished?
  5. How do you see this happening?
  6. With whom have you had difficulties with in the past / on previous transactions?
  7. Could you help me understand that a little better?
  8. What do you see as the next steps to take?
  9. What challenges are you currently facing?
  10. What other details are you interested in / should we discuss?
  11. What is your timeline for this process?
  12. What sort of budget do you have available for improvements, etc. during this process?
  13. Who else is involved in this decision?
  14. What concerns do you have right now? What about for the future?
  15. How did you get involved in… (your job / the community / that hobby)?
  16. What’s the most important priority for you in this process?
  17. What other issues are important to you?
  18. How will you know you’re satisfied with (the sale of your home / a home you’re interested in)?
  19. What could no longer make this a priority for you? (What might change?)
  20. Has anything changed since we last talked?

Remember: As you use these open ended questions, don’t lead people, prompt them to answer a certain way, or interrupt them while they’re speaking.  The keys to the kingdom depend upon you listening and not assuming.

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